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H & Z talent strategy ——people-oriented, offer employees opportunities to realize self-value

We clearly understand that the relationship of enterprise development and personal development is complementary to each other, mutual promotion and inseparable. To attract, retain, develop talents and give them space to achieve self-realization, self-development and self-improvement is the fundamental guarantee for sustained and stable development. The connotation of " people-oriented" is very broad, in addition to the reasonable & normative salary and welfare system, performance evaluation incentive system, the company has also established a comprehensive training and learning system which is helpful to employees’ personal growth and ability improvement, create ample opportunities and platforms for employees to demonstrate self-talented and develop their own creativity.

Ⅰ.Company Salary and welfare system

1. Basic wage: our company adopts market-leading salary strategy, provides competitive salary, make annual performance evaluation and salary adjustment according to company's business development and personal performance.

2. Bonus: including attendance bonus, monthly bonus, thirteen months salary etc.

3.Holiday: the company advocates employee “health and harmony, work with rest”, provides employees with legal holidays, annual vacation, marriage leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, bereavement leave and other paid holidays.

4. Guarantee: provide endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance; group accidental injury insurance; provide labor protection supplies, annually physical check-up.
5. Condolence: provide birthday gifts, wedding / fertility gifts, funeral condolence money, serious illness / accident condolences, major holiday cash gift and presents.
6. Culture: carry out a variety of recreational and sports activities, promote the feelings of staff, such as reading activities, indoor and outdoor development activities, badminton game, birthday parties, employees’ tourism at home and abroad, karaoke, annual meeting, etc

Company training system

1. Internal training: new employee’s orientation training, product knowledge training, sales techniques training, customer service skill, market development skill, job qualification training, employee’s career planning and other internal training courses.
2. External training: focus on employee’s professional development, provide outstanding employees and managerial personnel external training platforms.

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