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  • Q1.When was the company founded? What about the scale?

    A: The Company was founded in 1997. Existing employees are more than 60; more than 20 of them are professional foreign sales personnel. There are three main types of hardware and hardware accessories, 55 product series for more than 10,000 kinds of products.

  • Q2.What’s your company’s advantage of exporting products? Please answer the following questions.

    A: Geographical advantage, our company is located in the capital city of GuangdongProvince,GuangzhouCity. It’s the northern edge of the Pearl River Delta, near the South China Sea, the estuary of Pearl River, adjacent to Hong Kong andMacao, also the starting point of theSilk Roadon the Sea. It’s the largest and oldest foreign trade ports of southernChinaand one of the world-famous port cities.

    Which countries are the products exported to?
    A: Export to all over the world
    North America (for example: theUnited States,Canada)
    Latin America (for example:Mexico,Ecuador,Colombia,Venezuela,Peru,Brazil,Chile,Argentina,Uruguay, etc.)
    Eastern Europe (for example:Russia,Poland,Ukraine,Lithuania,Belarus, etc.)
    Western Europe (for example: theUnited Kingdom,France,Germany,Belgium, etc.)
    Southern Europe (for example:Italy,Spain,Portugal,Romania, etc.)

    Northern Europe (for example:Sweden,Denmark,Finland, etc.)
    Middle East and North Africa (Example:Iraq,Kuwait,Egypt,Saudi Arabia, etc.)
    Asia (for example:Malaysia,Vietnam, etc.)
    Africa (for example:South Africa,Ghana)
    Oceania (Australia,New Zealand)

  • Q3.How does your company control the price?

    1) Select large manufacturers to purchase raw material, centralize purchasing materials plants;
    2) Optimize the loading route of outsourcing plants, reduce the repetition of loading lines (reduce empty-loading ratio);
    3) Achieve centralized purchasing, reduce suppliers’ procurement costs;
    4) Improve the management and production operations, reduce labor and production costs; high degree of automation and more stable quality;
    5) Lower the rent of industrial plants; make organizational structure efficiently;
    6) Production area facilities mature; piecework manufacturers;

  • Q4.Why could your company provide high quality products?


    1) Innovate technology;

    2) Higher degree of automation and more stable quality;

    3) More than 10 years experience in hardware industry, sales network of more than 50 countries in five continents, qualified exhibitors of Furniture Hardware Exhibition at home and abroad;

    4) Improved manufacturing and business sales training system, more than 20 outstanding professional foreign sales personnel;

  • Q5.What products do you specialize in?

    A: We specialize in furniture hardware and accessories, architectural hardware and accessories, bathroom hardware and accessories, bedroom hardware and accessories, etc., OEM service is available.

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