1. Consulting and understanding: You can consult to know more about our cooperation policies, products’ characteristics and marketing philosophy through the media, websites, exhibitions, promotional materials, telegrams and so on.


2. Research and analysis: the investors should conduct research, analysis and conclusion about the local economy and consumption situation, the sales conditions of furniture accessories as well as the local residents’ acceptance degree to them. At the same time, they should comprehensively analyze the resources and advantages of themselves.

3. Cooperation application: After understanding H&Z cooperation conditions, the applicants should submit to us the cooperation application form of unified format.

4. Qualification assessment: Our staffs will check and verify your related information and then give you a preliminary reply.

5. Observation and negotiation: the investors observe the headquarters and production base of H&Z, and then go on a further negotiation with us so as to confirm the cooperation intention after mutually understanding.

6. Signing the agreement: the investors pay some amount of money to us and sign the cooperation agreement with us. Moreover, the investors must guarantee the authenticity of all the information they present to us.

7. Personnel training: H&Z will timely provide the investors with professional training and operational guidance which are related with the industry of furniture hardware fittings and accessories. 

8. Operation preparation: H&Z will help you make the preparation and promotion of starting the business, as well as the installation of office equipments, goods debugging and the arrangement of staffs.

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