1. Advanced design with high scientific and technological content.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the manufacturing of furniture products has also been greatly changed. Those furniture products, which have advanced design and are with high scientific and technological content, fashionable styles and characteristics have become the trend for people to pursuit healthy and fashionable life. Closely keeping up with the trend of the times, H&Z timely brings out the “simple, fashionable, green, healthy, energy-saving and environmental-protection” high-tech furniture products by integrating the eastern and western cultural design concepts, greatly meeting the needs of people to pursuit the healthy and fashionable life.


2. Scale production guaranteeing the quality

In each manufacturing process, H&Z manages the production by strictly complying with the quality standards from each country or district. From the purchasing of the raw materials, the processing of accessories, the assembling of products and the inspection and acceptance of goods to the packing and delivery of them, we indeed conduct the standardized, professionalized and scale production all the time. To guarantee the products’ quality and let our customers get the desirable goods, we indeed conduct the standardized, professionalized and scale productive process, including raw materials purchasing, accessories processing, assembling, products inspection, packing and delivery .


3. Various products with preiswert price

H&Z supplies 55 series of more than 10000 types of furniture hardware accessories to our customers, with different prices to meet the needs of customers from all levels. H&Z enables each product with exquisite workmanship and vivid structure to go into your home, adding color to your life and bringing you a share of pleasure at the same time.


4. Fast goods delivery and first-class after-sales service

With the development of logistics and information in today’s modern society, time is money while speed can create benefits. Based on this, combining the company’s normalized, professionalized, standardized and strict and scientific after-sales service system, H&Z lets you save your time, brings down your operating cost and solves your worries by our advanced ERP platform.


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